2019 NYC Parent Survey – Deadline TOMORROW, April 11, 2019

2019 NYC Parent Survey – Deadline TOMORROW, April 11, 2019

One more day to fill out your 2019 NYC Parent Survey! It only takes a few minutes but it means a lot to us! Take your 2019 NYC School Survey ONLINE in 10 languages at NYCShoolSurvey.org. Use the eight-digit survey access code at the bottom of your paper survey to login. If you do not have your survey materials, you can look up your survey access code on the survey login page or call 1-877-819-2363 for assistance. Once submitted, please print the confirmation page and return it to your child’s teacher TOMORROW.

With one completed survey per family, all siblings receive a reward!

For more information or if you need support with completing the survey online, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Mara Dubovici (Room 109 / 718.434.6960×1/ LDubovici@schools.nyc.gov). School computers can be available for you to complete the survey.

For more information about the NYC School Survey, visit NYCSchoolSurvey.org.

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