Welcome to PS 217

In the heart of victorian Flatbush is a gem of a school that is highly regarded for its academic rigor and cultural enrichment. With open arms it has welcomed a diverse community offering the opportunity for pre-k to 5 grade education for all.

This site is a way to stay current on all the activities at the school and welcome current parents, alumni and students alike.

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The 411 on 217



21          Dr. Martin Luther King jr Day. School Closed.

22          P.S. 217 Open House for the Incoming Pre-K Families @ 2:30 PM

Last Day for Kindergarten Application – Deadline Extended

23          Summer Activity Fair @ 5 PM

25/28    Family Night – NO Homework

28          SLT meeting 4:00 PM

PA Potluck @ 5:00 PM

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PS 217 Colonel David Marcus School App

 Did you download it? If you did not, do it now!  It is FREE and it keeps you in the loop with all of the who, what, when and where for our school. PS 217 Colonel David Marcus School App by SchoolAppExpress is available in over 30 languages on all mobile devices! It’s as easy [...] Read more →

Last Pre-K Open House for the Incoming Pre-K Families

Our last Pre-K Open House event for the incoming Pre-K families is being held Tuesday, January 22 at 2:30 PM. Children born in 2015, are eligible to apply to Pre-K starting early February until March 15, 2019. Our nurturing Pre-K program offers learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate for young children. All three Pre-K teachers [...] Read more →

PS 217 Summer Activity Fair

While the weather outside screams winter in its full rights, it’s not too early to think about summer! Wondering what to do with your kids during summer break this year?

Visit the PS 217 Summer Activity Fair, presented by the PS 217 Parent Association on Wednesday, January 23 between 5-7 PM in the school Cafeteria. [...] Read more →

Adult English for Speakers of Other Languages Classes at P.S. 217

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5:40 – 9:00 PM

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:40 to 9:00 PM, adults willing to learn English in a classroom environment are welcome to join the curriculum based program offered by OACE (Office of Adult and Continuing Education).  FREE English for Speakers of Other Languages classes are open [...] Read more →