About the PA


Welcome to the PS 217 Parents Association (PA)!

Every year the PA organizes lots of fun and enriching activities, community-building events, and other projects that help our children and our school achieve excellence.

We organize:

  • Access to health and wellness programs like Wellness in The Schools
  • Community engagement via Parent Interpreters and Language Breakfasts
  • Curriculum Fun Nights like Science Night
  • Family Events like the Eid Celebration, Dia de los Muertos event, Fall and Spring Carnivals
  • 5th Grade Activities like Yearbook, Graduation Celebration, Field Trips
  • Organizing volunteers for the School Library and School Picture Day
  • Supporting STEAM activities like the school musical & Discovery Zone free after school
  • Teacher, principal, and staff appreciation- thanking our teachers and staff with breakfasts, gift baskets, and more
  • Parent meetings, outreach, and engaging all of our many parent communities

This year, in particular, we have also focused on supporting 217 families in need through the pandemic and creating the new joint parent-teacher Racial Justice and Equity Team.

As a parent or guardian with a child at PS 217 you are already considered a member of the PA! Whether you attend meetings, volunteer at events, or give in other ways, your involvement helps create a great school experience for your kids.

We hope to meet you soon! Join us to connect with other parents, ask any questions you have about PS 217, and learn about the PA. Here’s to a wonderful year!

PA Leadership 2020-2021

Emily Krell, Co-President
Co-President (currently vacant)
Sandra Granillo, Co-Vice President
Rachael Bernstein, Co-Vice President
Seth Fleischman, Treasurer
Katy Wells, Co-Recording Secretary
Liz Hernandez, Co-Recording Secretary
Title 1 Chair (vacant)

School Leadership Team (SLT) Parent Members

Jackie del Valle
Andrea Andrade
Sadia Shehyrar
Jules Jacques
Kayne Wilk
Sherin Sultana

Language Liaisons and Parent Interpreters:

Alex Majumder, Andrea Andrade, Bania Vidalis, Liz Hernandez, Marina Zamalin, Megan Hester, Rashida Alam, Sadia Shehryar, Sherin Sultana, Zhan Deng

Volunteer with us:

We would love to work with you! If you would like to help with fundraising, communications, parent outreach, event planning, or have an idea for a project you would like to run on behalf of the PA, please reach out.

Contact us:


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