Bedtime Math App

Bedtime Math App

Reading at bedtime? You’ve been hearing many times how bedtime stories are so important in fostering parent-child bonds, prepare children for sleep and last but not least, actually boosting your child’s brain development. How about a little twist on the story time or read aloud time with your child? If you are willing to give your kids some brain food, try the free Bedtime Math app!

The Bedtime Math app, launched in 2012, encourages families to talk about math in a fun and engaging way. Every day the app posts a new fun word problem, prefaced by a paragraph story. Parents and children can then choose from a few related math questions that progress in difficulty, thus addressing the entire range from Pre-k and Kindergarten to 5th grade math lovers.

  • Download the Bedtime Math for IPhone/Ipad on the App Store or for Android on Google Play
  • Open the app and click Community Edition
  • Enter your special code: NYC
  • Select your school district: 22
  • Select your school name and click Enter

And that’s all it takes to be on your way to enjoy fun nightly math!

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