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NYC Account New Schedule Feature for Middle and High School Students: Beginning September 28, parents will be able to view their child’s daily schedule in their NYC Schools account; for schools on five-day cycles, parents can also view a weekly version of their child’s schedule. This function displays the student’s scheduled courses, teacher, classroom, period, and day of the week.  If you have not accessed your NYC Account, please contact  your parent coordinator. https://mystudent.nyc/

The Federal Affordable Care Act requires that everybody obtain health insurance.

If families have questions about health insurance enrollment, please view Coverage at a Glance to explore coverage options and to apply for insurance online using the NY State of Health website. Students and their families who do not qualify for Medicaid or Child Health Plus may enroll online in private health insurance during the next open enrollment period, which will open on November 15 and close on February 15. Families may also have an opportunity to enroll in private health insurance outside of this time period if they have had a qualifying event, such as job loss, birth of a child, etc.Please note that students and their families who qualify for Medicaid and/or Child Health Plus can enroll online in these programs all year long; however, they should do so as soon as possible to avoid paying a penalty.

Gifted & Talented Handbooks Available Now

New York City students who are entering kindergarten through 3rd grade are eligible to participate in Gifted &Talented Admissions for the 2016 school year. More information is available on the Department of Education website at http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnrollment/GiftedandTalented/default.htm and in handbooks available at the main desk, school office and in room 108.

5th Grade Families: D22 Middle School Fair, Directory and Resources

The District 22 Middle School Fair is Thurs. 10/1 at IS 14 Shell Bank 5:30-7:30 PM. Middle School Resources including Middle School Directory and composite scores for D22 CIG Programs http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnrollment/Middle/Resources/default.htm

Fall Parent Conferences at Tweed Courthouse, 52 Chambers Street

Like last year, the DOE will provide free, grade-specific conferences for parents to meet other parents and to receive information that will help them impact their child’s education. We encourage parents to attend one of the following conferences

Middle and high schools: Parents of students in middle and high school are invited to register here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nyc-chancellors-parent-confere… by September 30 for a parent conference that will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on October 3. This event will focus on a range of topics, including STEM, making the most of student-led parent-teacher conferences, high school and middle school transitions, and using NYC Schools Accounts.
Elementary schools: Parents of students in elementary school are invited to register here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nyc-chancellors-parent-confere… by October 14 for a parent conference that will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on October 17. This event will focus on a range of topics, including STEM, making the most of student-led parent-teacher conferences, building partnerships with families, helping children handle harassment and bullying, and using NYC Schools Accounts. http://schools.nyc.gov/NR/rdonlyres/6601AD56-C17D-4E38-BB81-B6FDF3AABCF5/0/ParentConferences2015_916_PRINTandWEB.pdf

United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Parent Conference

10/24 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM: Workshops, networking, exhibitions and food. Preregistration is required. http://www.uft.org/events/brooklyn-parent-conference and view flyer here  http://www.uft.org/files/brooklyn-parent-conference-brochure-2015.pdf

SAVE THE DATES: Citywide Fall Parent Teacher Conferences*:

Elementary School  Evening                                            Wednesday, November 4th

Elementary School Afternoon (Early Dismissal)            Thursday, November 5th   

Middle School Afternoon (Early Dismissal)                    Tuesday, November 17th

Middle School Evening                                                      Wednesday, November 18th

High School Evening                                                         Thursday, November 19th

High School Afternoon ( Early Dismissal)                      Friday, November 20th

*Please note schools may choose to hold conferences on one day. Please check with your child’s school for exact dates and times.

Upcoming Events Calendar

Saturday, September 26

10:00am: Citywide HS Fair @ Brooklyn Tech

Sunday, September 27

10:00am: Citywide HS Fair @ Brooklyn Tech

Wednesday, September 30

High School Parent Conference Night

Thursday, October 1

5:30pm: District 22 Middle School Fair @ IS 14 Shell Bank, 2424 Batchelder Street

Saturday, October 3

8:00am: Fall Parent Conferences for Middle School at Tweed

Thursday, October 8

CEC 22 Meeting@ IS 14 Shell Bank, 2424 Shell Bank, 6 PM Business(For Council Business) 7 PM Calendar(Public Comment)

Monday, October 12

Schools Closed

Tuesday, October 13

RFT Forms Middle Schools Deadline

Thursday, October 15

5:00pm: PS/IS 109 (Middle School) Open House

Saturday, October 17

8:00am: Fall Parent Conferences for Elementary at Tweed

11:00am: Borough HS Fair @ Sunset Park High School

Sunday, October 18

11:00am: Borough HS Fair at Sunset Park High School

Monday, October 19

7:30pm: Community Board #14 Meeting

Wednesday, October 21

6:30pm: Origins HS Open House

7:00pm: Community Board #17 Meeting

7:00pm: Community Board #18 Meeting

Thursday, October 22

5:30pm: IS 78 Roy H. Mann Open House

6:30pm: Goldstein HS Open House Check Website for More Dates at lmghs.org

Saturday, October 24

Specialized HS Admissions Test

8:00am: UFT Parent Conference Brooklyn (Register at UFT.org Events)

Sunday, October 25

Specialized HS Admissions Test

Tuesday, October 27

7:00pm: Community Board #15 Meeting

Tuesday, November 3

Election Day-No School for Students

Wednesday, November 4

Elementary School Parent Teacher Conferences Evening

6:00pm: Madison High School Open House

Thursday, November 5

Elementary School Early Dismissal & Parent Teacher Conferences Afternoon

Saturday, November 7

9:00am: PS 245 Optical Academy

Monday, November 9

Gifted and Talented RFT Submission Deadline

7:30pm: Community Board #14 Meeting

Tuesday, November 10

7:00pm: IS 278 Marine Park Open House

Wednesday, November 11

Veteran’s Day School Closed

Thursday, November 12

CEC 22 Meeting @PS/IS 109, 6 PM Business(For Council Business) 7PM Calendar (Public Comment)

6:00pm: IS 240 Hudde Open House

Friday, November 13

6:00pm: PS/IS 206 Lamb( Middle School) Open House