Dyslexia Awareness

Dear Parents,

October is Dyslexia Awareness month and with that in mind I released an informational video and petition calling on the Governor, Mayor, Chancellor and Legislature to fund universal dyslexia screening for all Kindergartners and First Graders in NYC public schools.  One in five students is dyslexic.  50% of 4th Graders are not reading on grade level.  Only seven states nationwide evaluate all Kindergarten and 1st Graders for Dyslexia and as a consequence so many of our students go undiagnosed and struggle to learn how to read. 

 I am passionate about making sure that children with dyslexia and other language-based delays and challenges get the interventions they need from the New York City Department of Education.  Both Brooke Lyn and I benefited from early intervention and despite our dyslexia were able to thrive in school.  This shouldn’t just be the case for a fortunate few; it should be the case for all children with dyslexia, which impacts 20% of the student population.  After you sign the petition, please pass it along to other parents through email and social media.  Together we can make sure every child has a chance to thrive.

 Additionally, I am hosting an event to discuss this issue further and address your questions and concerns about other education policies and proposals. 


The State of Education Forum

Thursday, November  8th

PS 130

713 Caton Avenue



I hope that you’re having a wonderful school year and look forward to seeing you all there! Please RSVP to Mary Kay Seery at seerym@nyassembly.gov or Victoria Guisinger at guisingerv@nyassembly.gov or call my office at  (718) 788-7221. 


Thank you for all the work you do,

Robert Carroll