February Curriculum


  • Shared Reading: Folktales
  • Phonics and Phonemic Awareness:  Introduce US and Letter B
  • Writer’s Workshop: Friendly Letters
  • Character Development: Friendship
  • Math: Represent, Count, and Write 20 and Beyond
  • Science: Staying Healthy
  • Social Studies:  Urban Families

1st Grade

  • Reading: Non-fiction—Biographies and autobiographies
  • Phonics: Long vowel sounds
  • Writing: Completing realistic fiction. Begin personal narrative writing.
  • Science: Healthy habits
  • Social Studies: How has our community changed over time?
  • Math: Place value; Comparing two-digit numbers; Greater or less

2nd Grade

  • Reading: Persuasive Text
  • Writing: Realistic Fiction Writing / Persuasive Writing
  • Math: 3-Digit Addition and Subtraction
  • Science: Staying Healthy
  • Social Studies: Declaration of Independence and From Colonies to States

3rd Grade

  • Reading: Students will focus on story elements, inferences/drawing conclusions through many genres: fiction, fables, myths, and the exemplars.
  • Writing: Persuasive friendly letter and Persuasive essay on visiting a country
  • Math: Compare Fractions and Unit 10-Time, Length, Liquid, Volume and Mass
  • Social Studies: Unit study of Asia/Middle East
  • Science: Simple Machines—How do simple machines help us move objects?

4th Grade

  • Reading: Close reading of Assorted Genres, Summary and Synthesis of Information
  • Writing: Academic Essay Writing and Responses to Literature
  • Math: Fractions and Geometry
  • Science: Properties of Water
  • Social Studies: America’s Colonial and Revolutionary Period

5th Grade

  • Reading: Close Reading
  • Writing: Persuasive Writing Feature Article
  • Math: Multiplication and Division of Fractions
  • Science: Food and Nutrition
  • Social: Latin America