February Curriculum

Reading: Folktales / Superkids Letters U and B
WritingFriendly Letters
Math: Addition
Social Studies: Features of Communities
Science: Exploring Properties

1st  Grade
Reading: Author Study
Writing: Realistic Fiction Stories
Math: Tens and Ones
Social Studies: The Community
Science: Properties of Matter

2nd Grade
Reading: Realistic Fiction
Writing: Realistic Fiction
MathCounting Money
Social Studies: Dutch and English Influences in New York
Science: Forces and Motion: Gravity

3rd Grade
Reading: Determining Importance/Ask and Answer questions to demonstrate understandings
Writing: Responding to Literature/ Short and Extended Responses
Math: Comparing Fractions and Liquid Volume
Social Studies: Unit study of Asia – Identify changes over time that have impacted the people, goods, and ideas of these communities
Science: Simple Machines- study of Forces and Motion

4th Grade
Reading: Determining Importance
Writing: Response to Literature
Math: Fractions and Geometry
Social Studies: Freedom and the New Nation
Science: Properties of Water

5th Grade
Reading: Close Reading of Literacy Texts
Writing: Response to Literature
Math: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Social Studies: The Western Hemisphere
Science: Ecosystems