Helping Your Child Manage Test Anxiety – Tuesday, April 9 @ 8:15 AM

Parent Workshop

Don’t Stress About the Test! The State Tests are here and we know that almost everyone gets a bit nervous and tense around this time. For some children these tests could be terrifying for others they are a breeze. Stress, in various forms, has become increasingly common amongst young children. Children have less experience in dealing with stressful situations and may not be familiar with how to manage or express their burden adequately. Therefore it becomes as a parent’s job to be able to tell if their child is under too much pressure and even further, to alleviate this pressure.

You are invited to join us on Tuesday, April 9 @ 8:15 AM at 8:15 AM in the PS 217 Library to discuss the many ways you can recognize and manage the angst and the pressure of test taking. Learn how to help yourself and your child to deal with the many aspects of test anxiety.

Math State Test:             May 1-2

Science (Written):           June 3 (Grade 4 only)

Questions: Contact Mara Dubovici ( / 718.434.6960 x1)