May Curriculum


Shared Reading: Author’s Study

Superkids Club: Letters J, X, Y, Z

Writer’s Workshop: Opinion Pieces

Math: Chapter 11-Measurement, Chapter 12-Classify & Sort Data

Science: Life Cycles

Social Studies: The Neighborhood and the People


1st Grade

Reading: Folktales & Informational Texts

Math: Two-Dimensional Shapes

Phonics: Review Consonant blends & digraphs

Science: Plants

Social Studies: Citizenship


2nd Grade 

Reading: Fables and Folktales

Math: Interpreting Data and Geometry & Fraction Concepts

Writing: Writing Across 2 Texts-Making Comparison

Science: Weather & Seasons


3rd Grade 

Social Studies: 3 Branches of Government

Reading:  Determine Importance -Genres: Historical Fiction, Biographies, Non-fiction

Writing:  Poetry

Math: Getting Ready for 4th Grade

Social Studies:  Unit Study of South America/Carribean

Science:  Energy- What are some of the ways that energy can be changed from one form to another?


4th Grade 

Reading: Non-Fiction and Informational Texts

Writing: Non-Fiction

Math: Fractions, Decimals, and Measurement

Science: Cumulative Review and Forces of Nature

Social Studies: The New Nation


5th Grade 

Reading: Close Reading of Literary Texts

Writing: Responding to Literature

Math: Algebra & Patterns & Graphing

Science: Exploring Ecosystems

Social Studies: The Western Hemisphere