Parent Teacher Conferences and Learning Environment Survey

Thursday, March 15, 2018 12:20 – 2:20 PM and 4:30 – 7:30 PM

A reminder to everyone that on Thursday, March 15, P.S. 217 is hosting the Parent Teacher Conferences! All students will be dismissed at 11:20 AM. Please plan accordingly for pick up! Every parent will have a chance to enjoy a private conversation with their child’s teacher. If you received an appointment time and it does not fit your schedule, please contact your child’s teacher to reschedule at a more convenient time. All our teachers are looking forward to meeting with parents and we hope you’ll find it a fruitful discussion as well.

Before you leave the meeting …

  • make sure you have mentioned any changes in the home that may affect your child’s performance;
  • have a plan to address concerns;
  • know the best way to contact your child’s teacher;
  • make sure your child’s teacher knows the best way to contact you;
  • update the blue card if changes occurred since you last filled it out;

When you get home …

  • talk to your child, inform him/her about what you learned;
  • discuss how you will both work to enhance his/her school performance;
  • if you haven’t done it yet, fill out the Learning Environment Survey;

Learning Environment Survey will be handed out during the Parent Teacher Conferences. Your voice is important and we need every parent/guardian to fill out and return the survey.  Help with the survey completion and translation will be available throughout the school. All surveys are strictly confidential. If you have more children in the school you only need to fill out one survey. Please complete the survey as soon as possible and return it in the sealed envelope to your child’s homeroom teacher. As an alternative, you can complete it online and send in the confirmation receipt with your child. Every student whose parent completes the survey will receive a ONE DAY HOMEWORK PASS.

Your participation and input is important so that we can continue providing the best education possible for your child!