PS217 Has Projects on

When teachers ask and donors give, children benefit! YOUR children, OUR children!

Check, the website that proudly and selfishly connects the public to the public schools. Created by a Bronx high school teacher, the website is a hub where teachers can post classroom project requests and donors can choose the ones they wanted to support. Our teachers are spearing no effort in making sure their students have the resources and the support that they need. When the funding is short they never give up. They share their needs in the hope that generous donors can finance them. From paper, sharpies, post-its, and various other supplies to color ink and books, PS 217 teachers are grateful for any assistance they get with the daily classroom instruction.

Look for PS 217 projects on and be impressed by our teachers’ enthusiasm. Share the projects with friends and family, use the social media if you wish and let’s hope the PS 217 projects get funded.