Can you volunteer help or do you need help?

Hi PS 217 parents,

We hope you’re staying healthy and well in this challenging time.
The PS 217 Parents Association wants to make sure that all our families have their basic needs met during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us are sick; some are not. Some of us still have sources of income; many of us do not. Some of us have lost loved ones; others have not. Some of us have enough food, household supplies, and educational materials for our children; others do not.
If you are in need of assistance, please let the Parents Association know and we would like to help. If you can offer help to other families, also please let us know. Some of the help we need is:
  • Organizing family requests and offers of help
  • Assisting People in Need (Nowshin’s organization) with intake
  • Picking up and delivering meals or groceries
  • Helping families apply for unemployment or benefits
  • Donate money, books or educational materials
Email us at to get help or offer help.
Thank you for keeping the PS 217 community strong.
PS 217 Parents Association