FEBRUARY Curriculum

Study Unit: Light
Essential Question: How and why do we use different kinds of light?

Reading: Realistic Fiction
Writing: Realistic Fiction
Math: Addition
Social Studies: Understanding Different Holidays; Identifying American Symbols (Liberty Bell, the bald eagle), Pledge of Allegiance
Science: Properties of an Object (light, shadow, color)

1st Grade
Reading: Realistic Fiction
Writing: Original Realistic Fiction Stories
Math: Count and Model Numbers
Social Studies: The Community
Science: Properties of Matter

2nd Grade
Reading: Persuasive Text
Writing: Persuasive Letter Writing
Math: 3 Digit Addition & Subtraction; Money
Social Studies: Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities
Science: Magnets and Gravity

3rd Grade
Reading: Multiple Genres: Describe logical connections between particular sentences and paragraphs in a text
Writing: Responding to Literature/ Short and Extended Responses
Math: Unit 9 Compare Fractions, Unit 10 – Time, Length, Liquid Volume and Mass
Social Studies: Unit Study of Asia/Cultural Influence on the World
Science: Study of Simple Machines

4th Grade
Reading: Determining Importance
Writing: Crafting Extended Responses to Literature
Math: Fractions
Social Studies: The Water Cycle
Science: Foundations of the New Government

5th Grade
Variety of Genres
Writing: Reading Response to Literature – Extended Responses
Math: Multiplying Fractions
Social Studies: The Western Hemisphere
Science: Exploring Ecosystems