November Curriculum

Reading: Informational Text
Writing: Information Text
Math: Identify and describe two dimensional shapes
Science: What are the habitats of plants and animals
Social Studies: Individual Development and Cultural Identity

First Grade
Reading: Informational Text
Writing: Non Fiction
Math:  Subtraction
Science: Properties of Matter
Social Studies: Past and Present

Second grade
Reading: Informational Text
Writing: Informational Reports
Math: Basic Facts & 2-Digit Addition
Science: Animal Classifications
Social Studies: Changes Over Time

Third grade
Reading: Non-fiction and poetry – Merge thinking with new ideas
Writing:  Information/Expository Text
Math:  Multiplication Facts and Strategies/ Begin Division Strategies
Science:  Plant and Animal Adaptations
Social Studies:  Unit Study of Africa and Australia

Fourth Grade
Reading: Point of View
Writing: Persuasive Opinion
Math: Multiplication and Division
Science: Electricity and Magnetism
Social Studies: Colonial and Revolutionary Period

Fifth Grade
Reading: Close Reading of Nonfiction Historical Fiction texts
Writing: Informational Writing
Math: Add/Sub Decimals
Science: Earth Science
Social Studies: European Exploration