Pennies for Patients & Stuck for A Buck – Results! 

The last coin has been counted, all your donations have been acknowledged and the results are in! We are very excited and proud to announce that PS 217, in its second year of joining this noble fundraiser has been able to raise $3,777.88 toward helping the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society meet its goal of eliminating blood cancers forever.

All classes that collected over $100, $200, and $300 in donations will receive either bronze, silver or gold pennants respectively to display in their rooms. Altogether, about 14 classes will be the happy recipients of the pennants! Between the pennies collection and the super fun fundraiser event Stuck for a Buck, two classes, 4-513 and 2-408, have tied for the first place. They will each receive a pizza party!

Congratulations for all your efforts to support blood cancer research and patients going through treatment and thank you again for helping to make a difference for this very worthy cause!