April Curriculum


  • Reading: Poetry
  • Word Study: Word Families: an, en, in, un and short vowels a,i
  • Writing: Poetry Writing
  • Math: Numbers 10-20, Counting to 100
  • Social Studies: How do neighborhoods meet our needs?
  • Science: Why is the sun so important to the earth?

Grade 1

  • Reading: Poetry
  • Writing: Poetry/Academic Task
  • Phonics: Consonant Blends
  • Math: Chapter 12 (2D & 3D figures)
  • Science: The Sun & protecting the Earth
  • Social Studies: Community Workers

Grade 2

  • Reading: Poetry
  • Writing: Poetry
  • Math: 3 Dimensional Figures
  • Social Studies: Rights, Rules and responsibilities, Local Government
  • Science: Rain Forest

Grade 3

  • Reading: Poetry & Assorted Genres form the Ready NY CCLS/Summarize & Synthesize
  • Writing: Responding to Literature and Expository texts/Short and extended responses
  • Math: Develop Multiplication and Division Concepts and Facts/1-digit & 2-digit
  • Science: Energy: what are some ways that energy can be changed from one form to another?
  • Social Studies: Europe: How culture, history, geography, people, and government shape the development of a community?

Grade 4

  • Reading: Exploring assorted genres and exemplar texts
  • Writing: Writing across two stories
  • Math: Multistep word problems and assorted topics
  • Science: Interactims of air, water, and land
  • Social Studies: Growth and expension

Grade 5

  • Reading: Summarize and Synthesize
  • Writing: Writing Across Two Stories
  • Math: Review of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of Fractions
  • Social Studies: Canada
  • Science: Exploring Ecosystems