March Curriculum


  • Reading: Fairytales
  • Word Study: Word Families: in, un,at, et, ut
  • Writing: Fairytale big book
  • Math: Geometry: Analyze, Compare, Create and Compose Shapes
  • Social Studies: What does our family history teach us about ourselves?
  • Science: How does the weather change the seasons?

Grade 1

  • Reading: Fairy Tales
  • Phonics: Digraphs & Consonant Blends
  • Writing: Personal Narratives
  • Math: Complete Chapter 8 / Chapter 10: Addition and Subtraction
  • Science: The Earth
  • Social Studies: New York City

Grade 2

  • Reading: nonfiction- informational texts, biographies, articles
  • Writing: Persuasive writing (brochure)
  • Math: money
  • Science: Plant Diversity
  • Social Studies: NY and its changing communities

Grade 3

  • Reading: Poetry and Drama; Test Exemplars – focus on poetry
  • Writing: Responding to Literature and Expository Texts: Short and extended responses (writing across two texts)
  • Math: Unit 6 Fractions as Number on the Number Line
  • Science: Forces and Motion: Describe how the amount of change in the motion of an object is affected by friction.
  • Social Studies: Europe: Case study of a European community (England, Italy, Sweden, Romania, etc.)

Grade 4

  • Reading: Assorted genres, exemplary literature
  • Writing: Writing across 2 stories, academic test writing.
  • Math: Angles and geometry
  • Science: Extreme weather and forces of nature
  • Social Studies: The new nation.

Grade 5

  • Reading: Determining Importance
  • Writing: Writing Across Two Stories
  • Math: Area and Volume
  • Social Studies: Canada
  • Science: Food and Nutrition