Pennies for Patients – EVERY HERO NEEDS A SQUAD

  • DONATE LOOSE CHANGE until Tuesday, April 30th
  • RAISE MONEY ONLINE until Sunday, May 5th

On Monday, April 8 we will be starting our second week of Pennies for Patients. We thank you for your last week’s donations and encourage you to continue supporting our cause. It is a long way until $ 5,000!

Many children brought in already $5 in their coin boxes and as they returned their signed coupon, they earned the POWER RING. We are proud of them and we hope that many more students will be happy owners of such rings! Help your child fill up their individual donation box and return it to school. From pennies to quarters and even paper money, we accept them all! When your child raises $5 in the coinbox, fill out the coupon that was sent home and send it back to school with your child. In return, your child will receive a POWER RING!

If ONLINE fundraising is more your thing, remember that for $10 raised online your child gets a Hero Squad Member Wristband, for $25 a Super Sidekick, for $50 an awesome Hero Squad T-shirt and for $100 their own Mini Champ. Start your online fundraising page right here:

  • Go to
  • Type in: Ps 217 Col David Marcus School and click Find School
  • Once you get onto our school’s page click Join Your School Team > or if you know that your child’s classroom already has its own page, click Join Your Classroom Team >
  • Create a new account, or if you ever had a fundraising page for LLS sign in with your username and password.
  • Create your child’s online fundraising page. Just by registering ONLINE your child gets a SQUAD TATTOO!
  • Share your child’s fundraising page with friends, family and co-workers through e-mail and social media.